Beating the Valentines Blues


February is often described as the low point of the winter; we have had so much cold and misery and there is still more to come. With this depressing reputation, it seems appropriate to find a suitable soundtrack for the occupants of St. Andrews to warm themselves up these winter months. Let us take you through the February playlist, from Valentines Day to the far away dawn of spring. Every student has secretly always hoped to have The Lumsden Club turn up at their door with a rose from their secret crush and after FS the night before, some chilled acoustics seem suitable to distract you while waiting for that knock on the door. Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley is the old school classic, which any one who has fallen a little bit in love can relate to, his blue-eyed soul and honest feels make this a perfect track to crush all over.

Photo by Dallinger
Photo by Dallinger


Those who have managed to bag themselves a date may be feeling the pressure to make romantic gestures. Despite the high levels of cringe there is still music to fill those awkward silences as you sit bathed in candlelight in your south street flat. To lighten the mood and get the night moving, slam on some Marvin Gaye. His silky smooth vocals and oh-so-cliché lyrics will be perfect as long as all Kygo remixes are avoided. The low winter months can often leave you feeling low, particularly for those going through a breakup. Stu Larsen’s Thirteen Sad Farewells reflects that you aren’t going to give your ex another chance, his lyrics are clever and his soft strumming is somewhat powerful and should stop you caring that it’s V day. If this fails to put things in perspective, Modern Love by Coasts epitomises the fickleness of student relation-ships and by the time you’re got these playing you’ll be ready for a night out with your clique. Everyone seems to have their go to pre’s song but as it’s such a loved up occasion, shake up your choice with Nobody to Love by Sigma. The dance duo’s retro sounding groove is undeniably feel-good and appropriate for any singleton’s night out. Not everything about February is all doom and gloom. Forget about the desperation that the Valentines season thrusts upon you and listen to something more up beat or even sensual for those of you in need of a confidence boost. Oops x Wus Good by Louis Mattrs is the sultry tune perfect for the end of the night, stripped back to the bone Mattrs crafts two classic tunes together to create some serious baby making music.

It’s not only Valentines which is celebrated on this day but also Galentines, think red wine, chick flicks and ice cream, nothing lame at all. While Beyoncé may seem a little predictable for this category, this super woman has recently collaborated with Coldplay. Hymn For The Weekend combines sass, sing-along qualities and two major music powers to pen an ethereal and entrancing track, its irresistible quality will certainly keep you distracted from any lonely thoughts. Getting seasonal blues isn’t hard to do at this time, particularly with the freezing weather and all the new ‘winter couples’ strolling around St Andrews’ cobbled streets. Our advice is to channel your love (or bitterness) elsewhere, with music that you cant help but feel great while listening to. For example, if you listen to Bloom by The Paper Kites its as hard not to fall in love with them as it is to not want to be in love. This folky record is captivating and full of wanderlust and certainly shouldn’t be reserved just for February.

Photo taken from film, Bridget Jones' diary
Photo taken from film, Bridget Jones’ diary

It would be criminal to discuss Valentines and ignore the Bridget Jones’ among us although for those falling into that category try and avoid the “All By Myself” slump and listen to Leo Stannard’s My Friends Got Love. This hidden gem of musical talent will certainly grip your attention and he may just be your new obsession. However you have felt the winter blues over the last few months, remember that the worst is now over. Music is the ultimate pick me up; it re-invigorates us all to keep going, even when the chill from the Fife Sea rattles us to the bones. But soon it will be spring and more importantly Spring break.


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