Mermaids Christmas Ball: A mystical night at Hogwarts!



Mermaids Christmas Ball truly succeeded this year into delving into the world of Harry Potter. With candles floating from the ceiling, to butterbeer at ‘The Leaky Cauldron’, the night was filled with sparks, magic and an enchanting atmosphere.

After many people waited for countless hours to get a ticket to the ball, the momentum was great, expectations for the night ahead were high, and the more sceptical guests wondered whether it would turn out to be worth the wait.

With visions of Harry Potter and the unfolding of our generation’s childhood dreams, the snow earlier in the day only added an eager cheer to guests, building up an air of excitement before the ball. The atmosphere throughout the night was perpetually mesmerising, and crowds did not take away from the mystique of lit Christmas trees hanging upside down from the ceiling, and floating candles in the marquee. Cheering and laughter were the sounds emanating throughout the night, and everyone seemed to be in great form and ready for some festive fun!

[pullquote]Sparks, magic and an enchanting atmosphere.[/pullquote]

In the spirit of Hogwarts, there were some exquisite ballgowns and dresses, with certain guests opting for house colours, and despite the frosty weather, managing to make it to the ball in heels, which was a big achievement. The guys looked debonair and dashing in their suits; there was as much splendour and extravagance as the Yule Ball in Harry Potter.

On arrival the various freebies were definitely appreciated. The sparkling wine, luscious chocolate fondue, pic and mix and of course, Janettas Ice-cream, set the night off to a perfect start! The blue sky ice-cream with marshmallows was particularly delicious, dreamy and childlike, infitting with the theme. For those who got peckish later in the night, there were toasties and Blackhorn available in the tent, so no-one went hungry.


With three large bars strewn throughout the venue, queues were never too bad, so no one had to wait long to grab an extra butterbeer. Another perk at the ball was that the tent was transformed into the mystical Great Hall at Hogwarts, with long tables and lots of chairs so that you could sit down and chat with your friends or rest up if your high heels were beginning to hurt, whilst enjoying the marquee’s enchanting surroundings.

The photo booth was a lot of fun and was different from many other balls as you were given the physical photograph, which I felt was a nice touch (though the pictures unfortunately didn’t move). There was another Harry Potter themed photo area and getting a picture with Santa and Dobby was a vital part of the night. Kinkell Byre truly was transformed into the mysterious world of Hogwarts.

The music of the night featured the Alleycats, Blueswater, Joe Jones and BBC Radio 1 DJ Matt Edmondson. Festive Christmas music resonated throughout Kinkell at the beginning of the night, followed by enjoyable jazz and the various bands, and later transitioning into crowd-pleasing hits, enticing all guests to dance and sing to their hearts’ content.


With a six-hour wait for tickets being the bare minimum, Mermaids had a lot to live up to, and organisation of every aspect of the ball was a must. Surprisingly, the committee and staff followed through, leaving little room for frustration and disappointment. The buses were well organised, which we were all thankful for at the end of the night, leaving no one stranded in the cold.

Christmas Ball was a fantastic night , enjoyed by all! The theme of Hogwarts and Harry Potter lived up to all supernatural, magical and other-worldly expectations. Definitely on my calendar for next year (if I manage to get a ticket)!


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