6 last-minute Christmas gift ideas

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It’s that time of year again: Christmas is approaching, and family and friends are reuniting in celebration of the most heartwarming day of the year. While some of us are incredibly excited and well-prepared for Christmas, others are not. After all, exams only ended a few days ago. There has been barely enough time to rejuvenate, let alone squeeze in the hurdle of Christmas gift shopping. For those who are still looking for gift ideas, The Saint hopes the list below will come in handy.

1. Candles

Candles are one of the simplest ways to foster Christmas spirit. There are many available options to meet your recipient’s preferences, including pine, gingerbread and cinnamon. Candles are a suitable gift for any gender and age. As an extra plus, you can go as fancy as Jo Malone and John Lewis or as simple as Sainsbury’s.

2. Christmas Accessories/Clothing Items

Items such as a jumper, scarf, beanie, pair of pajamas or pair of warm socks and slippers are an ideal way to show your thoughts. Everyone appreciates these little yet handy gifts. How great would it be to see your siblings put on a pair of pajamas printed with their favorite childhood characters, or your parents holding a pair of warm gloves they can use while shoveling snow?

3. Gift Cards

Gift cards never fail to deliver happiness so long as you know the recipient’s favorite stores. After all, let’s face the facts: Some people don’t have time to push their way through crowded stores, and they may not know what their friends and family want for Christmas. Gift cards are the safe solution to these problems.

4. Card Games/Board Games

Card games and board games embrace the spirit of competition and creativity while encouraging a good laugh. You can go for silliness with the Game of Things, cooperation with Ghostbusters, mystery with 221b Baker Street, general knowledge and luck with Moldova, or drawing skills with Pictionary. Of course, the list would be incomplete without Cards Against Humanity, which fosters imagination or offensive jokes depending on how it plays out.

5. Recipes in a Jar

It might sound strange at first, but cookie mix in a jar is actually one of the prettiest holiday gifts. To make this gift, one only has to layer dry ingredients like flour and sugar in a jar. The recipient adds eggs, butter and other wet ingredients, and voila, a tray of freshly baked desserts. To find recipes, look online, and don’t forget to personalize the jars with homemade labels. Mixes in a jar make a delightful gift for baking lovers, and you never know if you’ll get to eat the end result.

6. DIY cards, scrapbooks, and frames

Those who are more artistic and sentimental will find DIY projects enjoyable. As simple as DIY cards and as meticulous as DIY scrapbooks, these personalized items are a wonderful way to cherish memories and spread the love.



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