What to wear to Mermaids’ Christmas Ball

Illustration by Nicole Slyusareva

The Mermaids’ Christmas Ball is one of the most iconic events of the year and will be taking place on 29 November at Kinkell Byre. Every student’s secret fantasy of attending Yule Ball will come true this November, as this year’s theme is Christmas at Hogwarts. Do you belong in Slytherin? Hufflepuff? Ravenclaw? Gryffindor? If you’re a true St Andrean, you know that in order to “ball so hard” you need to dress to impress!  So why not represent the house of your choice through your festive ball attire?

Slytherin –Emerald & Silver


I know what you’re thinking, “Emerald and silver? This ball is based off of Harry Potter not The Wizard of Oz.”  But these colours not only coincide with Syltherin, but also with the traditional colours associated with a  mermaid’s tail fin. The most cunning and sinister House (‘not Slytherin, not Slytherin’) provides everything you  need to inspire a classy yet imposing outfit. A perfect dress that fits Syltherin’s aesthetic is ASOS TALL One  Shoulder Scuba Maxi Dress With Exposed Zip in Forest Green, which is priced at £60. This dress is a fashion  steal with its sexy one shoulder neck-line and deep thigh split. If you find a long evening gown in the emerald  green colour family, I’d suggest you pair it with silver accessories and a bold red lip.

 Famous Slytherins: Harry’s nemesis, Draco Malfoy, is probably the most notable Slytherin in the world of  Hogwarts, obviously excluding Lord Voldermort himself, who was a Slytherin in his school days.


2Hufflepuff – Yellow & Black

Anyone else singing Black & Yellow by Wiz Khalifa in their head? Hufflepuff, the dopiest of the Hogwarts houses also happens to be the kindest- perfect for anyone going for the sweet look. I know it might be difficult to pull off a yellow evening gown, which is why I suggest you wear a long black dress with gold accessories. New Look is currently sellIng a Black Sequin V Neck Maxi Dress for £54.99. It has a beautiful black se-quin bodice and simple long sleeves. The good thing is that New Look can be considered a one-stop-shop, as you can also find Gold Snakeskin Texture Ankle Strap Heels for £22.99. These heels are perfect since they in-corporate yellow and black, and have a snakeskin texture which is reminiscent of a mermaid’s scales. Never underestimate the  Christmas  effect of gold jewellery. There is no denying that silver is usually the go-to Christmas accessory colour. After all, silver earrings scream snowflakes. But a splash of gold will put the sparkle in any black tie attire, and links in with the Hufflepuff theme.

Famous  Hufflepuffs: Harry’s friend slash rival Cedric Digory was the pride of Hufflepuff before his tragic death in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He got all the ladies and even beat Harry in a Quiddich match (the only one Harry ever lost). Cedric is the perfect preppy boy, and is played by Robert Pattinson in his pre-Twilight days.

Ravenclaw – Blue & Bronze

3 Ravenclaw is the house associated with intelligence and knowledge, so make the smart choice and coordinate  your outfit with it’s traditional colours, blue and bronze. H&M has a beautiful, blue Crushed Velvet Maxi Dress for  £29.99. It has many appealing elements, such as a halterneck, a high slit in the front, and is backless.   Accessorize’s new Belle Butterfly Hardcase Clutch Bag would be the ultimate fashion statement, as it combines  beautiful butterflies with metallic designs.

 Famous Ravenclaws: Cho Chang, Harry Potter’s first crush is one of the most notable Ravenclaws. Channel her  chic allure for the per-fect Christmas look! Who could forget Cho and Harry’s kiss in the room of requirement? I  know I wasn’t able to…



Gryffindor – Scarlet & Gold

The bravest and proudest of all the houses provides a bold and striking look-book for black tie attire. As seen on

ASOS.com, New Look has a Sequin Strappy Maxi Dress in the red family for £49.99. It is nothing short of elegant with its sequin embellished fabric and slim fit. If one were to enhance this look with gold strap heels and Pat McGrath’s trending Labs Gold 001 eyeshadow, one would be representing Gryffindor in all of its glory!

Famous Gryffindors: Where to start? It seems that anyone worth anything in the Wizarding World was a Gryffindor in their time. Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione and every Weasly for generations was a proud member of this house. Use this theme to build your own legacy!

Illustration by Nicole Slyusareva
Illustration by Nicole Slyusareva


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