Welly Ball: did we have a welly-good time?


Welly Ball has come and gone again: a truly fantastic evening in spite of its flaws that has likely left most attendees nursing their hangovers. There is no doubt that the weather was co-operating with the night’s theme, with wellies becoming not only a part of the dress code, but a necessity as the rain started coming down on those in the queue for the buses. With 800 tickets sold for just the after party alone – a completely sold out event – the rain didn’t seem to sway anyone’s excitement for the night ahead.

Having rid myself of my oversized outer-layer upon arrival, the next course of events was to make a beeline straight to the bar. Expecting large queues again I was surprised to find the wait for a drink to be rather short.

The Welly Ball Committee had promised us a full line-up of promising musical acts, plus a great DJ. It is the opinion of this writer that they didn’t disappoint! Too busy bumping into friend after friend, I didn’t spend that much time on the dance floor, but when I did the dance floor was pleasantly packed and the music was a lot of fun.

Having danced, drunk, and socialised my way through the evening, the night ended far too fast with it soon being time to board the buses once again and head back to town. However, this was where the night went more than slightly downhill, in my opinion. One guest described this sudden change in mood: “the bad end of the evening was caused by poor organisation concerning the buses, compounded by people’s drunken behaviour.” For those who waited till end, the queues for the buses developed fast and caused a back up of students pushing onto buses that seemed to not be pulling up fast enough. The night was freezing, and the situation with the disorganisation of the coat check did not help, with guests freely searching the masses. Sorry St Andreans, but seeing all that pushing and queue barraging when we were all obviously freezing was not one of our finest moments as a student body.

I am disappointed that the night ended on such a low note when I had genuinely enjoyed the rest of the evening. The Welly Ball Committee could have definitely handled the queues and bus situations better. After speaking to guests at the end of the night, it seemed as if the bad had drowned out the good for most people.


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