The Saint style: how to look scarily good this Halloween


Throughout Halloweekend, many Saints utilised their creative minds in order to produce the perfect Halloween ensemble. While it is common for university students to wear DIY costumes, this year’s efforts were distinctive and impressive.

Many female students made use of the iconic little black dress in order to achieve chic and haute Halloween looks. Paired with black heels and holiday accessories of their choice, the little black dress allowed them to radiate their inner Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid while appearing festive all at once. In one instance, a DRA resident wore a sleeveless, bodycon dress paired with an intricate mask and bold red lip.

Halloween 018

Another student paired her mini bodycon dress with cat ears, and used eye liner or black face paint in order to create her quintessential whiskers and nose. As they say, “less is more”, and the two females simple costume choices allowed them to stand out from the crowd.

Another student showed that she was still a child at heart by dressing up as famous character, SpongeBob Sqaurepants. She took a yellow cardigan, black pencil skirt, and red tie in order to produce SpongeBob’s classic appearance. The student took her own spin on the Nickelodeon personality by pairing her ensem-ble with white knee high socks and low top Converse, which made her costume more fun and unique! Especially with her blonde locks and stylish yellow cardigan, her look was very Cher Horowitz meets SpongeBob SquarePants.

Halloween 020

But what is Halloween without a little terror? Students took to their closets to find the darkest shades of black, green, and burgundy in order to generate gothic garments. Commonly seen were mini burgundy skirts with black tops and lace up boots. But most importantly, the look wouldn’t have been complete without a dark lipstick shade, heavy black eyeliner, and black smokey eyes.

Friend groups also made DIY efforts this Halloween, appearing through the streets as the cast of Mean Girls and The Wizard of Oz; pictured below you see the cast of Saved by the Bell. On the left is charming trouble-maker, Zack Morris, with his blonde hair, ripped light was jeans, and white sneakers. Beside him is teenage heart-throb, A.C. Slater, wearing his iconic red jacket and black under-shirt. St Andreans did a great job at uti-lizing their wardrobe in order to cre-ate the perfect Halloween costumes. Its always a challenge finding the perfect costume and getting the right mix of new pop-culture Halloween costumes and the old classics is never easy. This year the costumes were fun, with the perfect amount of the Halloween fear factor which didn’t break the bank. By getting outfits that can be worn again and again, you can look great year after year!



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