Great British Bake Off star to take break from University


Great British Bake Off semi-finalist, Flora Sheddon, has decided to take a leave of absence from the University.

Last week it emerged that Ms Sheddon, a first year art history student, had chosen to postpone her studies for a year in order to write a cookbook, which will include a mixture of cooking and baking recipes.

The 19 year old had reportedly been inundated with offers from book companies and agents since her appearance on the hit BBC show.

She told The Telegraph that: “I’ve just signed a leave of absence at St Andrews University and started writing a book called Gatherings.

“Making the decision was really tough… Putting [my degree] off for another year was something I really didn’t want to do but this is an exciting time and these opportunities are only there now. They won’t come back in four years when I’ve finished my degree.”

Ms Shedden made the decision after discussing it with her family. She said: “I didn’t want either my studies to slide or produce a book I wasn’t happy with. So I’ve got to grab it with both hands.

“My family were so helpful and put things in perspective – they said St Andrews had been around for 600 years and would hopefully still be here in another year.”



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