DRA/FP coffee stand opens for November

Photo: Danielle Golds

For one month and one month only, David Russell Apartments will be getting their own personal coffee shop on the way to class. ‘Caffeinated’ is a student run, charity business aiming to provide DRA/FP students with coffee on their long hike into town in the morning.

Perfect for those students who lack the time or materials to make their own luxury coffee before class, the booth will be located on the back pathway between DRA/FP and town. They will be there Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 am till 11:30 am. The drinks on offer include americanos, cappuccinos, lattes, and tea – with optional milk and sugar. The group will also be providing a prepaid coffee card system, where students can pay six pounds for a card which entitles them to five cups of coffee.

Farah Azmy, one of the six members of the team working on the project, came up with the idea for a coffee stand based on her own coffee addiction. Living at DRA as a catered student since September, she realised that having to go into town every day for a decent cup of coffee just wasn’t practical, especially if you’re running late for class. After being asked to think of a project idea in her enterprise and creativity class and doing some research into whether this plan was feasible, Ms Azmy saw it as a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone; providing coffee to students and doing something for charity. The group will donate all their profits to the Refugee Action St Andrews Charity, a group that aims to show “solidarity with, and provide support to, refugees arriving in the UK and Europe,” a cause they feel passionate about.

DRA/FP students can grab their morning coffee three times a week whilst donating money to charity. However, this service will only be available in the month of November, so get your coffee while it’s hot!


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