Asquire & The Vic Presents: Harvest Throwback

Photo: Ashton Squires
Photo: Ashton Squires

This Thursday, the Vic will see a return to everyone’s roots with a classic Throwback, back by popular demand and featuring a twist in the night’s usual formula: Guests will have the choice of two entry fees at the door, either £3 or an item of food. This late night food drive is being held to benefit Storehouse, a local food bank that seeks to help families or individuals in need. Beneficiaries will receive food packets that could consist of the very food donated by students at the Harvest Throwback.

At the suggestion of Vic manager Stephanos Kontos, DJ Ashton Squires arranged for Storehouse to be the recipient of the proposed food drive. He points out that students may find it more convenient to donate food, rather than pay the traditional fee on the door. We all have bags of pasta or boxes of cereal in our cupboards, likely purchased for less than £3. Regardless of what you choose, one hundred percent of both the money and the food will ultimately be given to Storehouse.

With the option of Asquire’s throwback tunes in the main bar or Steve Le Mash’s more familiar house music in the social club, Thursday will provide a welcome relief from the misery of Week 10. Empty your cupboards and head to the Vic to support a good cause!


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