Delayed exam timetable release causes frustration for students

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The December exam timetable has been released after repeated delays over the past week that had led to growing frustration among students.

The timetable was initially scheduled to be released last Tuesday, 20 October. However, this date was pushed back on the 20 October to the week commencing 26 October.

The timetable was finally released on the 27 October, and is now available for students to access.

A spokesman for the University explained the cause of the delay, saying: “The timetable was due to be published last week but due to technical issues with a recent software upgrade this has been slightly delayed and the website has been updated to show that timetables will now be released this week.”

However, the repeated delays have caused frustration, as students try and plan journeys home for the Christmas break.

Some students have noted significant increases in train and air fares over the past week alone, which has led to growing concern about the cost of travelling home at Christmas.

Second year maths student Seb Allum told The Saint: “I’m very disappointed because we were promised an earlier release date. In this day and age an IT glitch should not delay things by a week and lead to an increase in the cost of travel home.”

For example, the cost of a single ticket to Birmingham for the middle of the second exam week rose by over £15, adding to financial pressures for students looking for an affordable way home.

Anger at the delayed release was particularly acute on social media, with Yik Yak and other forums seeing a stream of posts from irate students.

“If the exam timetable is not online within the hour, I will not be attending my exams,” one user commented sarcastically.

The timetable is now available, and can be accessed via the ‘academic’ section of iSaint.


  1. I really do not understand why people are complaining. If you waited to book travel until now and it got expensive, then that’s your own fault. The university has the dates of the exam diet available since before the start of semester and advises you book you travel for after those dates. If you wanted to wait until you knew your personal timetable then that’s your own fault that travel got expensive, not the university’s.

    • Even if you book early, booking after the last date of exams would be nearly £100-200 more expensive for those of us traveling from North America than if you could book for a date even just 3-5 days earlier now. Since the end of exams is right in the middle of prime holiday travel times, flights are automatically more expensive no matter when you book. And for those of us with limited budgets, those £100-200 make a massive difference, so the gamble of waiting for our exam schedule sometimes can pay off.

  2. Agree with the ‘American with a limited budget”s comment above. I had been counting down the days to the exam timetable’s release so I could book flights home to Australia, and was incredibly annoyed when they changed the release date to the week after, mid-morning on the day the timetable was due to be released…for a 24 hour flight, every extra day I can get with my family before christmas helps (especially when i haven’t seen immediate family members since last christmas), and the flights increase in cost significantly as you get closer and closer to christmas at peak christmas travel days – it doesn’t matter how far in advance you book them! i’m happy i can finally book my flights tonight, but don’t understand how a ‘technical glitch’ can cause a whole weeks delay…


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