Cult film of the week: Top Gun


Cult film of the week? More like cult film for the rest of time. When we think of Top Gun, a few key words come to mind: men, explosions, Kenny Loggins, beer, fly-bys and volleyball.  Top Gun is simply sensational—it cannot be topped.

Top Gun is centred upon the story of Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise), a U.S. naval fighter pilot with a rebellious attitude and severe daddy issues.  When an altercation with Soviet pilots leads to an opening in the illustrious pilot school, conveniently named Top Gun, Maverick and his wingman, Goose (Anthony Edwards), are called to step up and fulfil their destiny to become the best naval pilots in the U S of A.  Not too long after entering the program, Maverick and Goose face adversity from their fellow Top Gun pilots.  One such pilot, ‘Ice Man’ (Val Kilmer), acts as the main antagonist to Maverick as he goes through the initial trials of the pilot school; at the same time, a beautiful distraction appears in the form of Charlotte Blackwood (Kelly McGillis), a beautiful engineer brought in to improve the accuracy of the pilots.

Maverick is immediately smitten and becomes quickly involved in a romance for the ages. Despite the many fantastic scenes in Top Gun‘s perfect plot, our favourite is the infamous volleyball scene. This scene is like a page from the Bible—a teaching, if you will. We see Maverick and Goose demonstrate their brotherhood, teamwork and ruthless efficiency as they play a heated game of volleyball, while (notoriously) shirtless. It’s an intense game, made even more so by the fantastic backing track of the one and only Kenny Loggins: Without him, this film would not be as legendary as it is today. The rest of Top Gun is an emotional rollercoaster from sadness, to anger, to jubilation. You will find yourself constantly wanting more.

But this is just our opinion. In a small—yet highly conclusive—survey, we’ve gauged some reactions to this magnificent film. One student has stated that to him, “[Top Gun] embodies freedom.Watching the movie is a very special occasion for me like Christmas or Easter… I try to watch it once or twice a year with my friends.” All in all, we hope we’ve provided a compelling argument for you watch this masterpiece. More than just a film, it’s a journey where you become emotionally attached the characters. The title song (by the illustrious Kenny Loggins, of course) is called “Danger Zone”: we urge you all to jump into the Danger Zone this week.



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