Catherine Stihler in flight during plane engine failure

Photo Credit: Henry Legg

The University rector, Catherine Stihler MEP, was involved in a midair drama on 24 September as the engine of the plane she was flying on shut down.

The engine failure occurred as the Rector was travelling back from Shetland.

The plane had landed on Orkney to pick up more passengers but was forced to make an emergency landing shortly after taking off again.

“I noticed the engine I was sitting beside was off and thought ‘that’s not good’,” Mrs Stihler told The Courier.

“Then we were all told to get into the brace position because we would be having an emergency landing.”

She added: “When the plane was turning to return to Kirkwall airport we were over water which was quite scary. It all felt like it was taking a lot longer than it probably was.

“We landed and everything was okay but it’s not something I would like to repeat again in a hurry.”

Afterwards, the Aviation Safety Network posted on its website:

“A Saab 340B aircraft, operated by Loganair on behalf of Flybe, landed safely at Kirkwall Airport, Orkney Islands, UK, following the in-flight shutdown of the left hand engine.

“The flight involved was BE6938 from Sumburgh Airport, Shetland Islands, to Inverness, Scotland, via Kirkwall.”

Ms Stihler also told the Daily Record that: “The pilot was fantastic and the staff was fantastic, everyone kept calm.”


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