Budget for this year’s NUS referendum campaigns cut


The Students’ Representatives Council (SRC) has voted to reduce the budget for each campaign in the upcoming referendum on whether or not St Andrews should join the Nattional Union of Students (NUS).

Previously, each campaign team would have been given a budget of £350. They will now be allowed just £100.

This is the same amount that campaign teams are entitled to during the Students’ Association elections.

President of the Students’ Association, Pat Matthewson, described the £350 as a “waste of money” and argued that the money should be “spent on students.”

“These campaigns are almost entirely digital now,” he added, “you can still do a lot of physical campaigning with £100.”

The decision was made as an amendment to an emergency motion for the SRC to accept the rules of the NUS referendum as proposed by the elections committee.

Joe Tantillo, Director of Representation, encouraged the SRC to “move forward” and accept the rules.

However, there were objections from outside of the SRC membership, with one fourth year student objecting to the fact that the rules had not be circulated to the student body before they were submitted to the SRC.

“During the last referendum, we ended up having quite a lot of problems with the elections procedures,” she added.

Mr Tantillo noted that at the last referendum “there had been a lot of confusion” over campaign rules.

“There were a lot of problems with controlling each of the campaign teams as well,” he added.

However Mr Tantillo emphasised the fact that this campaign will be taking place over a longer period of time, meaning that previous issues of communication and confusion will be avoided.

Despite the objections, both the motion and the amendment werepassed without opposition.


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