The Saint’s Top Eight


1. The Saint Ball: Join The Saint at the Old Course on Saturday September 19 for an un- forgettable night. Featuring performances from The Wee Small Hours and the Black Sheep Music Society, in addition to a ceilidh, this event is not to be missed. As first black-tie event of the year, as well as the cheapest, The Saint Ball is a perfect alternative to some of the larger fall events. Tickets can be purchased for only £18 on Fixr.

2. Oktoberfest: From September 26 to 27, St Andrews Brewing Company will be hosting a Barvarian-themed weekend. Join your friends in lederhosens and celebrate one of the country’s favorite activities: drinking beer. To quote the event site itself: “So. Much. Beer”.

3. Information Age Conference: On Thursday September 24, the Carnegie Club will launch its IDEAS series. Principal and Vice Chancellor Dr Louise Richardson, as well as a panel of numerous experts, will present their take on international security. Buy your tickets online for £7.75.

4. RBS Varsity Rugby Match: Join fellow sports-enthusiasts at the BT Murrayfield Stadium on Saturday 26th September (from 3pm) for the season’s most heated rugby match. The game will feature the age-old rivalry between the Edinburgh and St Andrews university rugby teams. The match itself dates back over 150 years. Tickets are free, and are sold both online and outside the Union.

5. Christopher Rush Visits: Christopher Rush – an award-winning writer – will visit Topping & Company on Friday 18 September. Starting at 8 pm, Rush will present his new novel, Penelope’s Web, an account of Odysseus’ return to Ithaca. This event is not only free, but perfect for literature-lovers and ancient history nerds alike.

6. DisneySoc Pub Quiz: Get ready to test your Disney knowledge! Join the Disney Society at the Rule for a pub quiz on Tuesday September 22. It will undoubtedly be a magical and fun night, with the society having scores of members amongst the student population. The event organisers promise a great time: a perfect opportunity to meet fellow Disney-lovers.

7. Rector’s Inspire: This year’s first Rector’s Inspirational Lecture will take place in School III on Thursday September 17. The focus of this lecture will be Luxembourg, with particular emphasis on its role in the EU. To the joy of so many IR-enthusiasts, Ambassador Patrick Engelberg himself is invited to speak at the event, an opportunity which is not to be missed.

8. Feminist Pub Night: The University’s very own Feminist Society will be hosting a pubcrawl on Thursday September 17 at the Drouthy Neebors. Held shortly after their EGM, the society invites you to join them for a relaxing evening, during which you will have the opportunity to meet new members as well as the committee itself. With over a thousand likes on their Facebook page, the feminist society is perhaps one of the University’s most popular societies.


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