Secret Garden Party: a farewell to summer

Illustration: Dillon Yeh
Illustration: Dillon Yeh
Illustration: Dillon Yeh

Reeling after the music festival vibe of Starfields and the nights at the Union’s new club? Fear not, for there is an upcoming event that will entice party-goers left, right and centre. The Lumsden Club presents their annual Secret Garden Party: an eclectic mix of music and garden games, not to mention an assortment of drinks to choose from. What better way to bid farewell to the summer than by hosting a garden party?

The Lumsden Club is an all female charity organisation that strives to raise money for charity, and give back to women and children’s arts both on a local and international level. Named after the first prominent female figure of the University of St Andrews, Louisa Lumsden, the club appropriately balances the town’s need for both male and female societies. Its members take a hands-on approach to supporting their local charity of choice: Fife Woman’s Aid, which focuses on assisting women who are victims of domestic abuse, with members partaking in weekly volunteering sessions. All proceeds from their events, including their major contribution to the St Andrews social calendar go to charity.

The Lumsden Club also has long-standing relations with Families First, East Fife Woman’s Care and Save the Children UK. In addition to their charity work, the Lumsden Club are supporters of the arts, providing support to local organisations such as the Byre Theatre, which has received the brunt of budget cuts to the arts. This year’s event will be set in the picturesque Cambo Estate: a new venue to loyal event-goers. In spite of this change of location, what arguably makes this edition so different from the previous years’ is the fact that this time, the event will be held in the evening where ‘day meets night’, creating and cultivating an aura of mystery. With a max capacity of 500, the Secret Garden Party is an exclusive affair, much more so than its rival events, such as Starfields and Opening Ball. With this intimate atmosphere will come all the benefits of a small event: few queues, more opportunities for socializing, as well as all the hype of the event’s own secrets and enchanting vibe. In terms of attire, most attendees get inspiration from festival fashion, much like at Starfields.

This will probably be the last time this year that ladies will be able to don those beloved, flowy summer dresses before they get packed away for the winter. Gents, feel free to sport smart shirts and vibrant trousers. The aforementioned outfits will naturally be complete with a drink in hand. What the changes made by the club might mean for the ambience and experience of the event has yet to be decided. Nevertheless, it is clear that the Lumsden Club’s determination to evolve, particularly with respect to this specific event, makes it stand out as one of the main event organizers in St Andrews. Though last year’s party was undoubtedly successful, we’ll have to see whether this year’s will be able to outshine other upcoming events.

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