New initiatives for freshers as Saints Sport welcomes all


With over 60 Sports Clubs at the University, including Rugby, Football, Mixed Martial Arts, Badminton and many more, it is not hard to imagine that Sport not only has a big role with current students and University life but it something at the forefront of the minds of new students moving to North-East Fife.

This year has seen the University launch two new initiatives to make joining the wide variety of sports clubs the University provides that much easier and far less daunting for new students to join during Freshers and in the first few weeks of the semester.

The first such initiative is the ‘Sports Buddy’ scheme which sees students with a particular interest in a sport matched up with a ‘buddy’ from a higher year who is part of that club already. The ‘mentor’ can provide the ‘mentee’ with guidance about how to join the club, when practice sessions are and other general questions about that specific sports club or other Saints Sports clubs in general so that when they do join it is far easier to participate and get involved. Indeed, this relationship can then extend to when the semester starts and the mentor can introduce the new student to the club and everyone in it.

The other major initiative launched by the University this year is the ‘Give-it-a-Go’ programme which sees all the clubs offer an introductory session for all new students, regardless of ability, to come along and try the sport or club and see if it is for them. This gives them the chance to try something new and get involved with something they might never have thought of doing like Korfball or Shinty, or if they already play a sport then they can go along to that club at the relevant session and get involved with others who play the sport and perhaps get involved with those already in the many University teams. By making the clubs more accessible it means that the sports are likely to have even more success this year and allows everyone a chance to try something. It does not mean commitment in any way but gives the students a taster of what the sport is like and whether they want to do it in the coming semesters or years at the University.

So why not head down to any of the sessions and just give it a go!


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