Information Age: Privacy, Security and Terrorism

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If you are reading this post, then you have a computer and a digital footprint. Come find out how this record puts you at risk and connects to terrorism at the Carnegie Club’s panel discussion “Information Age: Privacy, Security and Terrorism”. The event will prove to be educational and engaging in equal parts as it addresses how digital surveillance affects the everyone’s privacy and security.

[pullquote]If you are reading this post, then you have a computer and a digital footprint.[/pullquote] Founded by a group of friends in 2010, the Carnegie Club has already grown to be a prominent force in St Andrews. The group of twelve is focused on fostering debate and intellectual curiosity about the most pressing issues of our time. This “Learn” event is the first of a three-part iDEAS series, all of which aim to challenge the participant in different ways. Kelly Saiz, President, says the club’s initiative is “to spread ideas throughout St Andrews – Learn will leave you with something to think about, something to talk about, something to work out in your head”.

This student-run organisation has attracted top talent for the conference. The event is chaired by Principal and Vice-Chancellor Professor Louise Richardson, an expert in global terrorism. Also on the panel are the experts in international security, Dr Kenneth Geers, Mr Eduardo Ustaran and Mr John Reid. The NATO Ambassador – expert in privacy and data protection, and founder of the fastest open source data monitoring platform in the global marketplace -, are sure to provide invaluable insights into the increasing need for digital privacy.

Julian Zschocke, the Carnegie Club’s Head of Events, says, “We are honoured to be hosting such a diverse range of experts in St Andrews, and thrilled to have Dr Richardson chair this event, which will be one of her last in St Andrews. Our hope is for attendees to feel roused and inspired, to really lean into the topics of privacy, security and terrorism”.

The event will be held in the Buchanan Building on Thursday 24 September, from 6 pm to 8 pm. Tickets can be bought online at


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