Women in Action: The Exhibition

Photo: Alyssa Chafee
Photo: Alyssa Chafee
Photo: Alyssa Chafee

This past Monday, The Cottage Kitchen became an art gallery. Two new societies, The Girl Effect and Love 146 joined forces to host ‘Women in Action: The Exhibition,’ their final event of the year, celebrating inspiring women. The focus of Love 146 is to raise awareness for human trafficking and build safe houses for those affected. The Girl Effect challenges the attitudes of African girls and encourages them to realise their full potential through empowering publications and radio shows. While they focus on very different issues, Love 146 and the Girl Effect are both societies who understand the value of powerful women.

With all of the hustle of the day over, the usually crowded Cottage Kitchen exchanged their eclectic mismatched coffee tables and teapots for artwork and canapés. Amongst the artwork were various drawings of women by Hannah Brattesani and an expose by Emma Corcoran featuring women in her life whom she found to be particularly inspiring. The exhibition also featured a collection of photos by Ilaria Maresi and poetry by Katy Brooks. Each piece of art highlighted the talent of the young woman who created it and paid tribute to the women that were featured.

[pullquote]Love 146 and the Girl Effect are both societies who understand the value of powerful women.[/pullquote]

The Cottage Kitchen was alive with the chatter of students, the clink of glasses, and soft acoustic guitar. The peaceful background noise made for a pleasant wander about the artwork, with plenty of people to discuss with, but space to contemplate the artwork on one’s own.

In the back of venue, a lovely lit porch with wooden tables and chairs was home to a playful colouring-in station which included portraits of Hillary Clinton and Malala Yousafzai. Alongside the sheets for colouring-in were blank sheets for free drawing and inspirational quotes. Within an hour, the back wall was covered with drawings ranging from poignant quotes about feminism to intricately coloured-in Hillaries with purple teeth and a lime green pantsuit.

With limited space and only a small number of tickets available, this event was meant to be a more intimate gathering with an inclusive and relaxed atmosphere. And that is exactly what it was. Women: The Exhibition was an excellent finish to the year for these two societies, and I cannot wait to see what next year brings.

Photo: Alyssa Chafee
Photo: Alyssa Chafee


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