What on earth is Re:fashion?

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Recognizing the lack of fashionable St Andrews shopping options, Alex Spencer, Catriona McKimmie, Maria Simas, Mary Chan, Kirsty Gordon and May Boutaleb devised Re:fashion. Aiming to reduce the stigma against used clothing, Re:fashion sells and collects student-clothing ranging from high-end staples to carefully selected basics. Striking a balance between vintage shopping and thrifting, Re:fashion firmly believes their events will have “something for everyone,” whether students are searching for an event dress or everyday pieces.

Picking up used garments from student sellers, Re:fashion then donates 1/5 of the profits to the University of St Andrews Charities Campaign, returning the remainder to the seller. According to Re:fashion, this policy has allowed some students to make over £100 from giving their clothes. Selling over 400 pieces of gently worn clothing at their inaugural event, Re:fashion has been nothing short of a success.

“There are many benefits to wearing second-hand clothing,” Re:fashion explained in an interview with The Saint, “ … you can reduce your carbon footprint, save money and wear something unique that no one else has.” This sustainable attitude is central to the mission of Re:fashion, “We live in a world where fast fashion is omnipresent. In the UK alone, 350,000 tonnes of used clothing end up in landfills,” they explained.

Hoping to expand their service, Re:fashion feels confident in their progress thus far. “After the success of our first event, we are secure in the knowledge that we have a fantastic concept and that there is a demand for this type of shopping – it’s just a case of publicising, so we can source as many garments as possible.” Specifically, Re:fashion is particularly interested in sourcing more menswear. In order to hone a diverse range of clothing, however, Re: fashion recognizes the importance of building trust with other students, explaining, “this is an event which wouldn’t be possible without the people who give clothes.”

Determined to become a fixture within the St Andrews fashion community, Re:fashion are hosting another event on 13 April. From 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm in Parliament Hall, Re:fashion will be hawking hundreds of student wears – perfect for the upcoming warm weather. Up until the event, students can arrange for clothing pick ups through the Re:fashion Facebook page. For those who prefer to shop, however, students can gain inspiration from the Re:fashion 2014 photo shoot, featuring Re:fashion looks on Ilyana Bell.

Be sure to like Re: fashion on Facebook to stay up to date: www.facebook.com/StAndrews.refashion


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