St Andrews 6th hardest university to get into in UK


St Andrews has been rated the 6th hardest university to get into, according to the Complete University Guide released earlier this week.

According to the guide, the average UCAS score required for entry is 516, placing St Andrews below universities such as Imperial College London (3rd) and Cambridge (1st).

St Andrews also tied with Durham for 5th best university in the overall in the UK, while also being the highest ranked university in Scotland, and the only one who received a place in the top ten.

The rankings are based on ten different measures:  Student Satisfaction, Research Quality, Research Intensity, Entry Standards, Student: Staff Ratio; Spending on Academic Services; Spending on Student Facilities; Good Honours degrees achieved; Graduate Prospects and Completion.

St Andrews placed highly in many of the categories, coming as high as 3rd in Student Satisfaction.

Many of the University’s subjects placed highly as well, coming top in the UK for Middle Eastern and African Studies and Divinity – and is in the top ten for 23 of the 25 subjects it teaches.

Principal and Vice-Chancellor Professor Louise Richardson in a statement on the University of St Andrews website said:

“This ranking is a reflection of the dedication and skill of all the people who work and study here.

“It is encouraging that we have maintained our position in the top five universities in the UK despite the increased financial pressure and competition we face along with all Scottish universities.

“Securing the resources to match our potential and to continue to compete at the very highest level both nationally and internationally is a major strategic challenge for us.”

Dr Bernard Kingston, principal author of The Complete University Guide, also said according to the University website: “The league tables, taken with the rankings for specific subjects, offer would-be students an accurate and independent guide to the UK university system.

“They should not be used in isolation but alongside all the other advice and information in the Guide. Its tables are recognised for their stability and consistency, and this year once again demonstrates this.”


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