St Andreans most likely to vote Tory while Lib Dems lose out


Students at the University of St Andrews are most likely to vote Conservative in the upcoming general election, according to figures which also show that support for the Liberal Democrats amongst undergraduates has most disappeared.

An independent survey, which asked more than 13,000 students across the UK about their voting intentions, found those at St Andrews are most likely to vote Conservative in Scotland, while the SNP is most popular among students at Glasgow and Strathclyde.

The University of Edinburgh on the other hand showed strong support for Labour and the Green party, who gained 54 per cent of the vote between them.

Additionally, support for the SNP is weakest in St Andrews at only 12 per cent of the vote. This is in comparison to the University’s of Glasgow and Strathclyde, where the SNP stood at 30 per cent and 43 per cent of votes respectively.

According to the survey, the increase in support for smaller parties has come at the expense of the Liberal Democrat Party, which has fallen out of favour with students after reneging on tuition fee promises. Across the UK as a whole, Labour and the Conservatives were the most popular parties, with 31 per cent of the vote each.


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