North Haugh ball: A second annual success?

Photo: North Haugh ball organisers

A marquee on the North Haugh is hardly the most eponymous location in which to hold a ball, though the name ‘The Second Annual North Haugh Ball’ does rather restrict the choice of location. Having seen that tickets were sold out and that even those from outside Agnes Blackadder and Andrew Melville trying to source last minute tickets, expectations were high for what was one of the last formal events of the academic year. On a drizzly Friday night then, having donned a tuxedo and tied the required bow, I set off to see what the event was all about.

[pullquote]It is hard to imagine that any more than a handful of people went home with dampened spirits from the Second Annual North Haugh Ball.[/pullquote]

Arriving around half an hour into the event I was pleasantly surprised to find the marquee already bustling and a ceilidh in full swing. Deciding, given a lack of dancing ability, to observe the busy dance floor from the relative safety of the (very conveniently and centrally placed) bar, where Emily Meades, one of the ball organisers, told me that she was very pleased with the event’s popularity, given that this was only the second time that it had been put on.

It was at this point that I noticed the several tables and low sofas dotted around the marquee, and more importantly the cupcakes which sat upon the tables. Emily informed me that these were Kate Henley’s cupcakes, and in the interests of a fair and balanced review I thought it only wise to sample them, to which end I can agree that they were indeed excellent.

Hunger and thirst sufficiently satiated, I found my relatively more inebriated friends and hit the dance floor to the slick mixes of DJ SAUNIT and later NELFUN. As more people turned up the event and started moving to the dancefloor I was grateful to the organisers choice to have such a big dance floor. Accidental bumping and shoving was minimised and everyone was free to dance (or what passes nowadays as dancing) in their own space. Needless to say the dancing was punctuated by trips to the bar. Thankfully the large bar area and number of staff meant that the wait for a reasonably priced drink was shorter than at most balls. One criticism, however, would be that the bar was evidently understocked for a while later in the night, with many spirits being unavailable whilst replacements were brought in. A lesson for next time then, though perhaps only a minor complaint.

As any true student knows, alcohol and dancing bring about hunger, and whilst North Haugh is far from the typical late-night haunts, Blackhorn and Janettas were on-hand throughout the night to ensure that no one went home hungry, though the queue for the former grew considerably as the night came to a close.

Overall, the ball was excellently organised and executed: it was certainly a wonderful way to close out the academic year before revision begins in earnest. It is hard to imagine that any more than a handful of people went home with dampened spirits from the Second Annual North Haugh Ball.


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