Commercial partnership to raise millions

Photo: Sammi McKee

Researchers at the University have teamed up with the private laser and photonics company M Squared Lasers. They will work together to develop technologies that aim to help detect and treat life threatening diseases.

As well as potentially improving cancer detection, the two parties will seek to develop methods which will aid research into Alzheimer’s, revealing new information about the inner workings of the human brain.

Their combination of academic knowledge and commercial know-how in a business sector with strong demand is expected to yield millions of pounds to be shared between the University and M Squared Lasers, as the products developed make it to market.

Over 100 patients have been included in the partnership, covering a broad range of applications.

Professor Kishan Dholakia from the School of Physics and Astronomy explained: “One key area we’ll be exploring  the use of light-scattering (Raman) which can be used in the fight against cancer by accurately distinguishing between normal and unhealthy cells and tissue.

“More broadly we’ll be looking to unlock new information about how the human brain works. Through the use of advanced compact imaging platforms, which minimise damage through laser exposure, we hope to highlight cellular processes that could lead to an improved understanding of neural networks and conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.”


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