Applications still open for the Rector’s Fund

Photo credit: Yelim Lee

Catherine Stihler, the Rector of the University, has carried on the tradition of the Rectors’ Fund; applications for which close tomorrow.

Ms Stihler told The Saint: “I am so excited to be continuing in the tradition of St Andrews’ past Rectors by operating the Rector’s Fund.”

The Rectors’ Fund was established in 2013 in order to help students move towards their career aspirations by financially supporting summer internships. The fund places a particular emphasis on helping students who may otherwise not be able to pursue such opportunities as unpaid internships.

Ms Stihler further said, “This fund represents an opportunity for students to get a head start on their career ambitions and I am looking forward to seeing how the 2015 Rector’s Scholars are benefitted from the Fund!”

Applications are open to second and third year students. Successful applicants will be awarded £500 to alleviate the associated living and travel costs of summer work experience. These applicants will be awarded the title of Rectors’ Scholar and in exchange for the financial support will have to provide a short report on their internship and how the Rectors’ Fund enhanced their experience.

All applications will be reviewed by a panel chaired by the Rectors’ Assessor, Annie Newman, who is also the chairman of the fund. The rest of the panel will comprise of current members of staff, current students and past Rectors’ Scholars. Shortlisted candidates will then be invited for an interview.

Ms Newman told The Saint: “ I would definitely urge any interested students to apply for the Fund – it’s an opportunity unlike any other at St Andrews and I’m really proud to have been able to work with [Ms Stihler] on it this year!”

The deadline for applications for the fund is Wednesday 15 April.


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