Oz Ball reviewed


Given the iconoclastic relevance of the The Wizard of Oz in contemporary arts, with its many spin-offs and Broadway musicals, it is only natural for the dance soc to commemorate the wonderful wizard of Oz through their “evening of dance”. Past themes include ‘Carnivale’ and ‘the prohibition era’ and this year’s committee chose another theme where party-goers were able to go all out.

Oz Ball Illustration Dance Soc Wizard of Oz Yellow Brick Road
Credit: DanceSoc

Held in Younger Hall, notably also the only ball being held in the venue this year, Oz Ball had an immediate advantage as it was a welcome change from Kinkell Byre, a place we have come to equate with balls. Dance soc successfully recaptured the essence of Emerald City with twinkling fairy lights, green mood lighting and green balloons, keeping their promise of “lot’s of green”.

Upon entering Younger Hall, we were welcomed by the familiar combination of Jannettas and the photo booth set up by Owl Eyes. There was also the iconic ‘yellow brick road’ with lots of yellow balloons transporting partygoers to Oz. The Big Band played lots of funk, moving away from the typical DJ music played at balls. I really liked the fact that it was St Andrean talent playing the twirl- inducing music. As one can probably gather, the dancing on display was incredible, making the dance floor a very exciting place to be.

One of the performances of the evening was a contemporary mashup of songs by Beyoncé, which the audience definitely enjoyed. Another performance was performed to Jump Around by members of the hip hop society, which added further to the excitement of everyone in attendance.

What I reckon was the best part of Oz Ball was the fact that it was rather low key in the sense that there was room to shake and groove on the dance floor without suffocating. What was also great was the throwback music played as the clock struck midnight – you can never go wrong with the late nineties. I also particularly enjoyed the themed cocktails on sale during the event, of which I indulged in ‘Emerald Elixir’ and ‘Golden Road’. The drinks only added to the recreation of Oz and the general festive atmosphere.

The money raised from the ticket sales will go towards Family First, a charity based in St Andrews that supports local families and children from troubled backgrounds. The ball followed a year’s worth of bake sales and events planned by the society on behalf of Family First.

For only £15, I visited the land of Oz, twirled ‘till dawn and basked in the vibes of the event, The Oz Ball was most definitely worth my Friday night!


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