Not your ordinary Timex … Tim Cook announces the Apple Watch

Photo: BBC News
Photo: BBC News

When you look at a study space in the library it’s not hard to notice the lit up apples staring back at you or the iPhones in front of people’s faces. It seems that St Andrews is filled with different Apple gadgets from phones to computers to iPads and it looks like there may be a new one coming soon.

Apple held a press conference on Monday to unveil their upcoming plans, including Apple’s first smartwatch, the Apple Watch.

Apple CEO Tim Cook took the press through the functions and capabilities of the watch. First of all, it is totally customizable; Cook demonstrated changing the watch face to a dancing Mickey Mouse. They also come in a variety of bands, some are made out of various metals and others come in different colors.

The watch gives you the ability to: make and receive calls, send your heartbeat to a friend, draw a doodle to a friend that will show up on their watch, use the passbook app for getting through the airport, use it as a room key, the list goes on.

Pricing varies from £230 to £6,600 (mostly depending on what you want it made out of), but the watch is not yet available in the UK. If you (or your parents) happen to be in the U.S. you can pre-order on 10 April and get your watch by 24 April.

It may not be long before we see people talking into their watches in the library stairwell.


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