Glitterball, ‘fabulous’ in every aspect


There is really only one word that can truly describe this year’s Glitterball – fabulous. Of course, it is hard to go wrong when glitter is involved yet the event proved to be more than the sum of it’s parts – namely that the venue, the entertainment and the atmosphere all came together to provide a simply sublime evening.

Photo: Yelim Lee
Photo: Yelim Lee

The Hall of Champions, an inherently classy and sophisticated venue, offered an understated but effective backdrop against which all manner of glitter-clad ball-goers shone. Keeping affairs suitably elevated from any potential charges of tackiness which could have potentially been true of an event full of glitter bearing students, the venue choice was on point. Further, the venue had two suitably located bars (which to this writers surprise were not overly expensive for the venue) keeping the flow of people – and alcohol – moving, an important factor in any successful endeavour. Most importantly, however, was the inclusion of a glitter station at which yet more glitter could be applied – just in case you weren’t wearing enough already (hint: the limit does not exist).

To attempt briefly describe the evening’s entertainment within this review would be a disservice to the incredible acts that most certainly entertained the assembled crowd, but amongst the performers were a Lady Gaga impersonator, Boylesque and of course the one and only Ru Jazzle, to whom special mention must go for a stunning show early in the evening. Truly a unique and very effective collection of performances that kept guests suitably entertained and in a party mood.

Photo: Yelim Lee
Photo: Yelim Lee

What truly brought the evening together, however, was the atmosphere. Call it fate or just happy coincidence, Glitterball took place the night after the hectic and stressful elections season came to a close and it was time to party. Undoubtedly the venue was full of campaigners and candidates (both victorious and otherwise) letting their hair down and enjoying themselves without having to worry about getting up the next day to campaign. This seemed to build on the general party atmosphere created by the performers, and really set the night off.

Admittedly the evening seemed to end a little early, perhaps due to time restrictions on the venue, but from all accounts ended on a high – the organisers can breathe a sigh of relief after having put on one of the best events this year.

All that remains is to get rid of the glitter.


    • I didn’t know she was actually a drag queen until later on and now I don’t know why I actually remember the dress as white and gold…


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