Glitterball 2015: sell out event garners more hype

illustration: Anders Jacobsen

When tickets to an event sell out in under an hour it is evident that there is a level of hype and high expectation surrounding it. In the case of Glitterball, the hype seems justified. Last year, The Saint described the inaugural Glitterball as “one not to forget in a hurry” and it is evident this year the Saints LGBT committee intend to go above and beyond.

With a suitably glittery and resplendent promotional campaign, the organisers have been forthright in setting the tone ahead of the event: sophisticated and classy with a touch of glamour (or more than a touch for those wishing to find glitter in their hair for weeks). Indeed, all are encouraged, according to the Glitterball Facebook event, to ‘add glamour with glitter, in any amount, shape or size’. Whilst this writer feels sorry for The Old Course Hotel staff cleaning the venue afterwards, the dance floor will surely be a sight as a menagerie of glitter clad students descend upon it.

illustration: Anders Jacobsen
illustration: Anders Jacobsen

Speaking of the venue, this year’s Glitterball is to take place at the Old Course Hotel, in the Hall of Champions – a stylish venue for any occasion (including The Saint’s very own black tie events). This writer would, however, raise the point that drinks at this venue are notoriously expensive and so whilst the night promises to be dazzlingly extravagant it may very well be an expensive one as well. In so far as entertainment, the committee are playing their cards close to their chest, yet rumours going around suggest ball-goers will be treated to cabaret/burlesque style shows and drag performances – indeed the Facebook event tells guests to prepare themselves for ‘explosive live performances’. Given that Ruairidh Bowen, known also as Ru Jazzle, sits on the LGBT commit- tee, perhaps we can even hope for a performance from the Jazzle sisters themselves.

At this point there may be some who are wondering whether Glitterball is really just an event for LGBT by LGBT, and this could be a valid concern. Speaking to Hanna Rennie, the organiser this year, about this issue, The Saint was told that every effort has been made to keep the entertainment as open to everyone as possible.

Hanna went on to say that, “It’s not like we’re going to have unicorns welcoming people, naked men serving cocktails and Liza Minnelli performing Cabaret” – and whilst this may be disappointing news to some readers (and this writer), it serves to reassure everyone that the night isn’t just for those who identify as LGBT+.

If you were lucky enough to get a ticket, or are keeping an eye out for the inevitable re-sales, Glitterball is certainly an event that has impressed The Saint with it’s slick promotional material and thoughtfulness regarding the design of the event. If these things are anything to go by then there is only one place to be Saturday 7 March: Glitterball.


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