Funding for whale research

Photo Credit: University of St Andrews

Two scientists at the University’s Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU) have each been awarded a $150,000 (£97,000) Pew Fellowship for their research into whale calls and ocean noise pollution.

Dr Olga Filatova and Dr Rob Williams are two of just five scientists who have been honoured with this year’s Fellowship. One of the most noteworthy in marine conservation, the award is granted over a three-year period.

With the grant from the Fellowship, Dr Filatova and Dr Williams plan to conduct research into what will ultmately be a step forward in the protection of these species.

Dr Filatova will look into the habitats of whales primarily in Russian waters, such as orcas, humpbacks and sperm whales, with the aim of ensuring a better awareness of the conservation status of these fascinating creatures.

Dr Williams, who earned his PhD from St Andrews in 2003, will be able to advise on levels of ocean noise pollution, allowing governments to pay greater attention to ocean life welfare.

Both scientists are delighted at being nominated for the Fellowship, which is a true testament to the world-class standard of their work.

Dr Williams said: “The fact that the two recipients conducted research at the University of St Andrews speaks volumes about the SMRU and the University’s standing within the global marine conservation community.”

Featured photo credit: University of St Andrews


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