University apologises for sending misleading acceptance emails

Photo_ Simon Varwell

The University has apologised for accidentally sending “congratulations” emails to hundreds of applicants still awaiting their offers.

Though the email was only meant to be sent to those who had already received their offers, it was mistakenly sent to 760 prospective students who were still waiting to hear back.

The University sent out another email soon after, apologising for any disappointment caused and explaining their mistake.

A spokesperson for the University said this was a “human error compounded by technology” and that “the team involved is devastated and the University is extremely sorry for the confusion and disappointment it has caused some applicants.”

The email in question read: “Congratulations on your offer of a place to study here at the University of St Andrews!

“You may have already chosen St Andrews as your firm choice, but for those who have not, I know that there are many things for you to consider before making the choice of where you wish to study.”

It went on to invite the recipients to an information day in St Andrews.

The University spokesperson continued, saying: “We’re very sorry that we wrongly sent an email to some of our Scottish applicants which may have given the impression that we had made a decision on their applications.

“The email should have gone only to a very small group of people already in receipt of offers from us to invite them to attend visiting days in St Andrews.

“In total, 760 of 3456 applicants received this email in error.

“The email was sent by alphabetical order and we believe that only applicants with first names from A to D were affected.”

They added that: “We moved as quickly as possible to contact all our Scottish applicants to explain our mistake and apologise.

“A follow-up email was sent to all within half an hour of the initial mistake and our staff were on hand throughout yesterday afternoon and evening to respond to phone calls and questions from applicants.”



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