Unique local gifts for Valentine’s Day


Dunsyre Blue Cheese from I.J. Mellis (South St.) for £2.33/100 grams

Ditch the classic chocolate; we already know what it tastes like. Why not give your special someone a piece of cheese that is “amazing” with honey? Experimenting with things like food is the cornerstone of any special relationship. The cheese might not be the only thing that’s strong …

Dunsyre Blue Cheese
Photo: Danielle Golds

Glow in the Dark Stars from Bonkers (Market St.) for £4.95

It’s too cold in St Andrews this time of year to go stargazing outside, why not do it in the comfort of your own home with the one you love? Plus, putting them up together will help you learn about each other through your senses of style and design!


Glow in the Dark Stars
Photo: Danielle Golds

Amore Pasta from Rocca Deli (Bell St.) for £5.95

This heart-shaped pasta will fill your plate (and stomach) with love. There will be plenty to go around as one bag has about 3-4 servings. Watching all your hearts come to a boil will make for an easy, fun and romantic dinner at home!

Amore Pasta
Photo: Danielle Golds

Mouse Figurines from Millers Tale (Church St.) for £12 

These adorable little figurines will put a smile on your valentine’s face and serve as a cute decoration for your perhaps under-decorated flat. Show your partner that you are both standing on the same stone together and you’ll never jump off.


Photo: Danielle Golds

Romantic Book from The Bouquiniste (top of Market St.) for £8.50

Find a beautifully bound, old edition of your partner’s favorite book or a romantic book of love stories you can read to each other before bed. You’re bound to be the only one giving it!

Romantic Book
Photo: Danielle Golds





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