The Saint’s guide to a lovely, local Valentine’s Day

The Cottage Kitchen. Photo Credit: Danielle Golds

10:00 – Head somewhere like the Cottage Kitchen or Gorgeous for some eggs and tea for two. Keep breakfast simple and relaxing and just spend some time together. Estimated expenditure: £14

11:00 – Take a walk to where you first met or a place where you had a romantic moment. Spend some time reflecting there and thinking about how far you have come as a couple and as individuals. Estimated expenditure: £0

Midday – Have lunch at home! Stop by John Birrell & Son to pick up some fruit or vegetables and craft a salad together. Just looking around picking out what you like and then hanging out in an environment you both feel comfortable in will take the pressure of your Valentine’s Day. Estimated expenditure: £5-8

13:00 – Go for a wander in the Botanic Garden. While the flowers may not all be in bloom this time of year, it will provide you with a quiet, secluded walk where the two of you can spend a little time either chatting or just enjoying the peace and fresh air away from the bustle of town. Estimated expenditure: £2 per person

15:00 – Grab a quick coffee at Taste or Zest and let the warmth return to your body after your wander in the garden. Enjoy watching the people come and go as you re-energize and maybe sneak a cheeky kiss due to whip cream on someone’s upper lip. Estimated expenditure: £5

16:00 – Make your way over to West or East sands to watch the sunset (because we all know how early it really happens here). Even if the wind is whipping a little you can hold each other close against it and enjoy the beauty of the beach free of charge. Estimated expenditure: £0

17:00 – Time to split off and get ready for your night out. Take a little time apart to reflect on your day while you put on your dreamiest dress or your sweetest suit. Estimated expenditure: £0

18:00 – Dinnertime! If you are looking to save money but still want a fancy dinner then your best bet is a home-cooked meal. Estimated expenditure: £15

18:00 – If you’ve been with your love for a while now maybe you want to spend a little extra and go out for a nice meal. One option is a dinner at Mitchell where they’re offering 3 courses for £19.95 on either Friday 13th, Saturday 14th or Sunday 15th. Estimated expenditure: £40

20:00 – Head to you and your partner’s favorite pub, and end the night with a drink or two! Estimated expenditure: £10

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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