St Andrews monopoly.

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St Andrews could find itself transported onto the Monopoly board if it wins a public vote

To celebrate the popular board game’s 80th anniversary, the makers of the game will be releasing a new version based on a Scottish town.

St Andrews has made it to the short-list from the 20 towns originally nominated. It will go up against Ayr, Falkirk, Motherwell, Perth and Stirling in a public vote to decide which town will be passing go.

St Andrews Community Council chairman Howard Greenwell, encouraged residents to vote for St Andrews, saying that its wealth of landmarks would lend themselves to the game.

Winning Moves UK will be making this official new version under licence from owners Hasbro.

Colin Fisher, Scottish Area Executive at Winning Moves, said: “The factors that will decide are two-fold. Firstly – and crucially – the strength of popular feeling and pride for a particular city or town. Secondly, the diversity and beauty of potential landmarks to fill the board.”

The public voting will close at the end of this month. The game will be available to buy in shops from October.

To vote for St Andrews, simply email


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