Report card: Fay Morrice, DoSDA

Photo: Maria Faciolince

Fay Morrice cutout

Running uncontested on a platform of three key issues – the furthering of student development, accessibility and the Union redevelopment – Fay Morrice was elected director of student development and activities in March 2014.

Furthering student development

In her manifesto Ms Morrice said that she wanted to work to expand the career launch conference and improve employability schemes throughout the University. When asked if she thought she had achieved her goal of developing the career launch conference, Ms Morrice told The Saint, “No, not particularly. It was really successful last year and that was the first year they had run it. We decided this year to make it bigger and open it up for a hundred people and everything was planned but the uptake wasn’t what we expected.”

There are plans to run a small careers conference in the spring break, however.

She is very passionate about a volunteer initiative scheme which she has started to develop. It will mean that those who volunteer at the University we receive more recognition.

Additionally, Ms Morrice last year proposed the broadening of training schemes for societies in order to help them with the management of their societies. In her manifesto Ms Morrice was rather ambiguous about who would receive the training. However, Ms Morrice said that “on the day of the training, we ran out of time so I just handed out the slides. But we have changed the societies training and we are now doing two a year.”


Ms Morrice admitted that her aim to be “willing to help with all that comes [her] way” was potentially over ambitious. When asked about the communication and accessibility side of her role, she said: “I have kept my Facebook page up to date when necessary. When an email comes in I try and respond as quickly as possible.”

Union redevelopment

Potentially the biggest challenge for Ms Morrice was the redevelopment of the Union. When asked about it, she said, “last semester was a learning curve… All the societies were displaced but we had a redevelopment fund so that if the societies needed money they could come to us and get funding. The University was amazing with helping us rehouse the societies.”

The Saint’s Assessment

There is no doubt that Ms Morrice has had a busy year, especially with regards to the union redevelopment and finding places for societies to go. However, fulfilling her broad, somewhat ambiguous manifesto has not been straightforward. Ms Morrice has not really made any headway with the career launch conference. The career launch this year was actually less successful than the previous one.

She has however dealt with her biggest challenge well – the rehousing of societies during redevelopment organising the rehousing fund.


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