Quad renovations on track

Photo credit: The University of St Andrews
Photo credit: The University of St Andrews
Renovations continue on St Salvator’s quad. Photo credit: The University of St Andrews

The University has confirmed that extensive renovation works on St Salvator’s Quad are both on budget and on target to be completed by early March.

The renovations, which began in the Summer of 2014, include improvements to the tarmac pathway around the quadrangle, the central lawn, the surrounding iron and woodwork and improved lighting.

Current fencing arrangements and public access restrictions will remain in place until all of the works are fully complete, including the existing closure of gate access on to Butts Wynd and the entrance from North Street next to the chapel.

The University has provided disabled access to the entrance doors of United College, stating: “This should improve the experience of people with mobility issues rather than them having to go in via a rear door to access lower college hall.”

The spokesperson stated that works to be completed include: “laying the remainder of the paving, installing the new benches, stripping the turf ready for reshaping, planting to the new formed beds and laying new turf.”

The turf that has already been lifted from the quad has been recycled by the University grounds team in order to repair the banking at the side of the Irvine Building and Lower College lawn.

Previous speculation suggested that the renovations would cost £700,000. However, the University has now said that it will cost less: “In total the project will cost £575,334 all of which has been met by the generous donations of alumni, parents and friends of the University.”


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