Plans made to build new university accommodation

Photo: University of St Andrews
The University has made plans to build new accommodation at Albany Park and to build new student housing in the Grange area of St Andrews, which is currently University owned land located past Lamond Drive.
The plans for new student accommodation were passed at the latest meeting of the University court and project plans for each development are to go ahead.
Part of the University’s Strategic Plan, these housing developments aim to alleviate some of the accommodation pressures seen at the start of this academic year, especially in light of the plans to increase student numbers. They follow on from the Fife Park redevelopment this year.
A spokesperson for the University said: “We know that if St Andrews is to have a sustainable future the University, Fife Council and the Scottish Government must work together to develop new models of housing and rental provision in St Andrews and North-East Fife to address considerable accommodation pressures caused largely by the success of the University.”
Featured photo credit: University of St Andrews


  1. is this new accommodation to replace Albany? or to sit alongside it? and will it take into account the diverse economic background of students at St Andrews? or will it cost the same as the new Fife Park apartments £6500 per year? I’m sorry- but despite the public adoration of fund raising in New York last year- supposedly to assist students from less well off backgrounds- cheaper accommodation at Fife Park has been replaced with accommodation at twice the price- and only 35 students will benefit from housing bursaries to afford university accommodation.
    The university itself is discriminating against those who do not have access to parental financial help.
    The accommodation at Albany has been planned for some time- it is not new! it should be completed in sept 2016 according to their website- no help to those of us who are homeless this year : (


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