Penalties for misbehaving students


Between the months of May and November last year, the police issued 39 fixed penalties to students or anti-social behaviour and drinking in public places – predominantly over Raisin Weekend and Freshers’ Week.

Although this was a 25 per cent drop compared to the same events the previous year, the police have so far warned 30 addresses in an ongoing initiative to deal with noise complaints against student residences.

A spokesperson for the University acknowledged that Freshers’ Week and Raisin Weekend are “important parts of the St Andrews student experience,” noting that “the vast majority of students embrace St Andrews as their new home during Freshers’ Week and recognise their responsibilities to other residents and most enter the spirit of Raisin by behaving responsibly and within considerable limits.”

The spokesperson continued, however, that “all students should be clear: as these figures demonstrate, any reports of anti-social behaviour will be taken seriously and firm action taken where appropriate.”

The police were unable to comment on this matter.


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