Green film festival ready to take the town

The Byre Theatre's New Studio Cinema
The Byre Theatre's New Studio Cinema

A film festival beginning this February will encourage St Andrews students and residents to take greater care of the environment.

The Green Film Festival will run from Monday 16 to Saturday 21 February and is being organised by a group of students, local residents and University staff from Transition University of St Andrews.

The festival, now in its second year, aims to showcase “the most inspiring and world changing films and documentaries highlighting issues regarding climate change, the environment and sustainability,” its website claims.

With a newly expanded committee the festival will this year run for a week, as opposed to only a weekend as it was last year.

The festival is supported by Transition University of St Andrews, a non-profit organisation which aims to promote tackling environmental issues and reducing carbon emissions.

The festival will show a range of films, including Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, which claims to expose “the most destructive industry facing the planet today,” and Maiden Trip, about the story of 14 year old Laura Dekker, who became the youngest person to sail around the world solo.

The festival has also organised several events and workshops designed to encourage discussion and debate around environmental issues. Each day of the festival will also have its own theme.

The festival will take place across several venues in St Andrews including Parliament Hall, The Byre Theatre and the Medical Science Building.

A new feature of the event this year will be the Leafies Short Film Competition.

The competition is open to people of all ages, including school groups. Films entered must be under 10 minutes long and centre on green issues, with a prize of £100 available for the winning film, selected by a panel of judges.

All the films submitted will be screened at a special event on Wednesday 18 February, with the finalists making it through to the award ceremony on the same evening.


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