dRAG Walk: jewel of RAG Week

Illustration: Flora McQuibban
Illustration: Flora McQuibban
Illustration: Flora McQuibban

RAG week concludes with the latest love child of the LGBT society and the charities society: dRag Walk. The aptly named event is sure to finish the week with a bang. After a sell out performance last year, the LGBT society and University of St Andrews Charities Campaign brings you crazy fashion, killer shade and extra special guests- dRAG Walk is an event not to be missed. With nine contestants and a great range of drag queens, drag kings (girls dressed as men) and even a faux queen (a girl dressed as a drag queen) tossed into the mix, you are sure to get plenty of shade for your money.

The Saint caught up with LGBT vice president Ruairidh Bowen on why the event was so popular last year that it got to the point of turning people away at the doors because all the tickets had sold out. “Drag is definitely going through a renaissance, and the perception of it is changing for the better due to shows like RuPaul’s drag race, so it’s seen in a much more modern and fun light than it was before” Bowen said.

The show will consist of various drag related challenges – a fashion runway, a reading challenge, an outfit assembly challenge over the break and the final three queens or kings lip-syncing for their life in the hotly anticipated final. Celebrity Scottish drag queens are to perform during the break and all of the proceeds from the event are going to Terrence Higgins Trust to raise money for AIDS and HIV research. What more can a girl (or a boy) want? In my opinion not too much!

Bowen made it clear that the event will be enjoyable for all members of our community. “Drag has always been a community which, by principle, is wholly inclusive: everyone is welcome.”


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