DRAFP Midsummer Night Ball

Illustration by Flora McQuibben

The annual David Russell and Fife Park Ball is back and promises to be more magical than ever before with the theme of ‘a Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ Prepare to see Kinkell Byre transformed into the mystical world of the bemused Bard’s fancy this Friday 20 February. Upon arrival, guests have been promised a ‘fruity cocktail,’ though hopefully without the ‘love-in-idleness’ that Oberon planned for, lest this night play out too true to form of its’ Shakespearean fashion.

Among the entrancing extravagances planned for the evening, guests can expect to spellbound by sweets, beguiled by Blackhorns and fascinated by flower garlands. There will of course be ice-cream from Jannetta’s, a standard fixture in any Kinkell affair. There is even a throwback to last year’s ‘Arabian Nights’ themed-event, with a large variety of shisha being offered to guests.

In addition to all the tasty treats to enthrall your taste buds, there will also be a line-up of mesmerising musical acts. First up are the ever-present Other Guys, because no St Andrews event is complete without singing men in suits. The next two acts are home grown musicians, from DJ SAUNIT to the freshly formed band, John Doe Etc featuring our very own Director of Events and Services Leon O’Rourke. The headlining act is Beat a Maxx, an audio and visual DJ hailing from London. All in all, the music promises a night of dancing crazy enough to make any onlooker proclaim, ‘Lord, what fools these mortals be!’

With all that is in store, patrons of the DRAFP Ball should prepare to be enchanted. From the spectacular treats to flowing flavourful cocktails, the night might easily end up with at least a few people wondering if it was all a dream, though if we have to make amends, we can at least blame Puck.

Illustration by Flora McQuibben
Illustration by Flora McQuibben


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