100th BMS Ball


This year’s vintage carnival-themed Bute Medical Society Ball promises to keep up the reputation of the event as one that consists of good fun and great drinking. The ball, held at Kinkell Byre on 13 February is sold out, as always. Perhaps not as highly anticipated by the general public as Christmas Ball or as universally desired as May Ball, Bute Ball is often thought of as a largely ‘medic only’ event, despite the number of non-medics who attend each year. However, the enthusiasm of the committee (and perhaps the amount of wine served with dinner) make it an easy event to enjoy.

At £70 a ticket, Bute Ball is certainly one of the more expensive events in St Andrews, but previous years’ attendees promise that a standard ticket to the ball guarantees the guest an experience on par with many other events’ VIP packages. With dinner, a ceilidh, and dancing all included, the night runs long. Another feature largely specific to Bute Ball is the number of lecturers and demonstrators who make an appearance. However, the night’s reputation for, shall we say, enthusiastic drinking helps it to not feel stuffy or overly formal.

Also important to mention is the fact that this year is the 100th anniversary of the Bute Medical Society, meaning the event should be bolstered by the anniversary celebrations. Hopefully the storied reputation of the society will inspire the committee to plan for even bigger and better things than have been seen in previous years.

The event is being held at Kinkell Byre, which often seems overused, but given the limited options for venues in St Andrews, it is often the best choice. It also provides a chance to truly transform a venue, something that can make an evening go from good to great very quickly. Although medics can often seem like a separate group from the rest of the student population, the rumour that they’re a group that know how to throw a party is not without merit.

If nothing else, Bute Ball consistently provides a chance to celebrate with, and worry about, the doctors of the future. The event planners have experience and enthusiasm in their arsenal, the attendees are always ready for a good time, and each year, those who can remember the evening say they had a wonderful time. Tickets are sold out, but keep an eye out for online re-sales closer to the date for your chance to join in on this night to remember (or forget)!


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