• I’m glued to this and the map 😉 I bet Peter and Debbie you are the same!!! Well done to all the teams they are doing amazing!! My daughter is in team 20 RAJ and I’m so proud of their progress, what an amazing adventure 😉

  1. Hi Debbie, congratulations to your daughter and team 6, it seems like they are working very hard to get to Madrid. My daughter is in team 58 and experiencing slow progress but they are very determined. Good for all the teams – especially those that are taking the “long route”

  2. Glued all weekend Julia, I agree what a fabulous adventure and how wonderful to be able to follow the teams and to see their strength and humour showing through in their messages. I don’t know how they do it! It is Hannah’s 20th birthday tomorrow and for the first 12 hours of it she should be on a Megabus to Barcelona (she really knows how to live)

    • Happy Birthday to Hannah!! They aren’t that far away now Peter 😉 I’m sure she will celebrate later with a few sangria’s ha

      • Thank you Julia for your birthday wishes for Hannah, she spent the night on the floor of Charles de Gaule airport (it’s a long story), not the greatest way to start your twenties but they are much closer to Madrid now. I see your daughters’s team has made it – how fantastic for them, hope they are enjoying all the excitement of Madrid. And to all the teams still out there, you are all doing amazing things, keep going

  3. Have hardly done any work as constantly checking for updates. Not just team 6 but all the teams, especially the ones still struggling to get through France.


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