Welly Ball: “anything but quiet”


After a week of deadlines and late nights, I was bracing myself for a short stint at the Welly Ball- take in the atmosphere, scribble a couple of notes on my thoughts and make a quiet getaway. However, it turns out that my actual experience of my inaugural Welly Ball was anything but quiet; I found myself wishing for the night to go on endlessly, so to speak.

Waiting for the buses outside Madras College in the cold was not an exciting prospect, but as everyone knows, it’s an inevitable part of going to balls held in Kinkell Byre. The bus ride itself was quick, and riding in the darkness of the countryside only served to build up the excitement of the (after) partygoers, all wearing classic Hunters (in a melange of colours) with their Black tie outfits.

Upon arriving at Kinkell Byre, the party was already filled with guests from both the dinner and the after party. The entrance area had been set up to include a photo booth that printed out photos as strips, which was rather nostalgic. The décor was very much in season, there were leafless trees and the lighting was in shades of purple and blue, making for a chic party atmosphere.

However, my excitement was damped upon finding the cloakroom too full to hold my heavy jacket and finding the prices of drinks to be astronomical. The only silver lining was that Student Minds ran the cloakroom, which meant that all the funds made from filling the cloakroom would be going to a good cause.

The adjoining marquee was definitely bigger than it had been in previous years- the interior had been done in the style of a living room complete with sofas and rugs, creating a homely and casual feel. It had been meticulously been transformed from the dining area to the food marquee for after party guests.

This was where most of the food was; from Blackhorns to the Cottage Kitchen to Dervish to Frisky’s frozen yogurt – the spread easily appealed to people with a variety of different tastes. I myself decided to try Blackhorn’s ‘We Love Luvians’ wrap which I would recommend people to try. Even better was the fact that there was a bar as well, in addition to the two others that were in the main area. This area was definitely my ‘go-to’ place during the ball as it was sparsely populated and provided respite from the otherwise brimming party that was going on on the dance floor.

Despite not knowing any of the artists, the moment I set foot onto the dance floor, I was ready to dance the night away. A rendition of the Scottish classic ‘500 miles’ by The Proclaimers had me singing along with everyone around me. Will and the People, who have opened for artists such as Ben Howard, was the headline artist at Welly Ball, were followed by my new favourite artist at the moment- Sunta und die Klauses. We were also graced with the likes of Joe Jones and Ashton Squires, who played tunes that made sure the dance floor was filled throughout the event.

Overall, it was great to be at ‘St Andrews most comfortable Ball’ (especially in the shoe department for the ladies) and was a great opportunity for inter-university mingling. In spite of the initial unevenness, Welly Ball proved to a well-planned and very well-executed event, most definitely worth the ticket price and one that I will be looking forward to attending next year.


  1. Not a mention of the DIRE lack of served food at the tables, nor its poor quality? Severe backlash on social media indicates the food to NOT be worth the price paid! Author needs to do her research/review more thoroughly taking into account others experiences as well as her own in order to improve.

  2. I think the author wasn’t present at the dinner and therefore would have been unable to comment on the food being served. Also social media backlash may not be in their purview so maybe the criticism in on the harsh side.

  3. It appears the reviewer did not attend the dinner, just the after-party, so cannot judge the food…

    However, as someone who did attend the dinner I can say that the food on offer was an absolute joke. The ‘roast dinner’ had barely enough for each person to have one potato each. With the amount of people paying for dinner there was clearly enough money to provide a decent amount of fair quality food. The evening was extortionate and I would not plan on attending the dinner again.


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