“University village” plan for Grange Road

Gannochy House. Photo: Henry Legg
A new local development plan will see housing for 1090 new residents added to the town.
Residents of St Andrews are being invited to give input on the plan, called FIFEPlan, until 8 December 2014.
A so-called “university village” is detailed in the plans. This village will be built on Grange Road and include housing for undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as tied in housing for university researchers. The estimated capacity will be for 50 occupants.
Madras College’s two buildings will be vacated in favour of a new single site at Pipeland Farm. Once Madras has moved, its current South Street location will be available for redevelopment, either by the University, or as housing or commercial property.
Some of the buildings, however, are ancient and will be preserved; the friary in front of the school will also be protected under any future plans.
There are several other elements to the plan, including preservation plans for parts of the North Haugh and a redevelopment of the St Leonards’ campus at the end of South Street.
A new “visitor and education centre” is also slated for construction at the West Sands.
FIFEPlan replaces the three previously existing local development plans for Fife, all of which were approved in 2012.
To involve the community, the organisers have coordinated events for the different regions concerned.
The North East Fife plans include St Andrews, and the meeting for those plans are at the Corn Exchange in Cupar on 6 November.
Photo credit: Henry Legg


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