Style Q&A: Comfortable and Practical Style for Studying & Nights Out

The St Andrews Library: the spot for sartorial show-offs Photo:

Q: Dear The Saint,

I am quite intimidated [style-wise] by the fashion show that is our library. How do I dress well without sacrificing comfort?


– Wishing I could wear grey joggers and a Leavers jumper

A: Before arriving in St Andrews, I never associated the library with fashionable attire. In addition to the high sartorial standard, the temperature of the library can vary widely, making stylish dressing a challenge. Given these unpredictable temperatures, layering is imperative. As a base, begin with a loose blouse, which is sophisticated yet comfortable enough to stretch in. To keep warm, add a fluffy cardigan and a thick scarf (which can act as an impromptu pillow). For trousers, black skinny jeans are a no-fail classic. However, make sure they have at least 2% spandex, so the fabric does not restrict blood flow. While your shoe choice will depend upon the weather, I advise against heels over 2 inches, since no one wants to fall – especially in the silent section. Ideally, avoid wearing leggings as trousers. However, if the situation is dire, accompany them with a duster coat or long top.


Q: Dear The Saint,

as a fresher, I find myself consistently confused on what to wear for nights out to the “plub” (pub/club). Help?


— Used to real nightclubs

A: For a night out in St Andrews, less is always more. To achieve an effortless yet polished look, opt for disco pants or black skinny jeans. Disco pants are bold, comfortable and versatile, and black skinny jeans easily offset other statement pieces. For those who prefer skirts to jeans, skater skirts are another functional option. A simple skater skirt, dressed down with tights and ankle boots, walks the line between formal and casual – perfect for a night out. For the more daring, an asymmetrical leather skirt would also coordinate with this look. Top wise, crop tops pair well with the jeans and skirts mentioned above. The cropped cut covers the right amount of skin, all the while showing off the higher waisted bottoms. To finish the look, opt for a leather jacket – just tell yourself that “rain will make it ‘vintage’.”

P.S: If the jacket is pleather, rain will not ruin it.


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