‘Spirit of Christmas’ finds its way to Fife


Christmas Baubles

Around this time of year there are often complaints that the true spirit of Christmas has been lost in a flurry of supermarket adverts, flavoured lattes and scented candles. It appears, however, in the Kingdom of Fife at least the generosity and charity that is at the true centre of the festive period has made a resurgence. The “Fife Spirit of Christmas Appeal” has been gaining momentum over the past few weeks and looks set to make a real difference to many families across Fife this Christmas.

Notoriously, the food, drink, socialising and presents that accompany the coming weeks provide much financial stress for parents as pressure mounts to ensure “Santa”provides the goods on Christmas morning. It is this worry that the appeal is hoping to counteract as it aims to provide Christmas cheer to poorer families who may other wise struggle.

The campaign is a subsidiary of a larger movement started in Glasgow and is run by Christine Munro, Angela Gourlay and Laura Donaldson who are all from Kircaldy. It asks members of the public to donate present boxes in order to ensure that no child in Fife has to go without a present this year. At the time of writing the Appeal had amassed over 13,500 members on its Facebook group and with over a month left until Christmas it has the potential to expand even further.

The popularity of the appeal has led to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service donating the use of its stations as drop off points for any boxes. The public response so far has been unprecedented with hundreds of boxes being dropped off across the Kingdom. The response in some parts have been so great that further, temporary drop off points have had to be set up in order to relieve stations that are reportedly “bursting at the seams” thanks to the endless generosity of locals. Donations can be made of presents for girls and boys up to the age of 18, however, the organisers of the appeal have expressed a more specific wish for more presents suitable for boys and girls aged between one and two and eight and twelve.

It appears obvious that the “Fife Spirit of Christmas Appeal” provides students with the perfect opportunity to look beyond the bubble and help the less fortunate in the wider, Fife community.

If you wish to make a donation then boxes are currently being accepted at St Andrews Fire and Rescue on Largo Road. Donations of all sizes are accepted and your efforts will help ensure that the true magic and “spirit of Christmas” shines brightly across the Kingdom this year.

For further information please look for “Fife Spirit of Christmas Appeal” on Facebook.


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