Space Out Review

Photo: Owl Eyes

This Friday saw the return of the Russian Society’s signature event, Space Out, a night filled with electric beats and cheap drinks. .

This year’s Space Out was held in Rascals, which at first glance, doesn’t seem to be the most obvious place to host an event which is driven by some of the best electronic music in St Andrews. Yet, the Russian Committee clearly did their best to transform the bar into an out of this world venue.

Greeting you as you walked in stood a huge cut-out of multicoloured Cosmonaut, which definitely set the tone for the evening. As you hit the main bar, dangling planets, a foray of DJ lights accompanied by the distinctive music of JVXTA (of Mini Mood fame and acclaim) set the mood for an evening that would be out of this world.

Cleared of its restaurant furnishings and with the help of some quirky decorations, Rascals made for an impressive venue, with ample space to bust out your finest moves or to simply crowd the bar.

A definite pull of any Russian Society event is its ability to provide and supplement a healthy amount of alcohol – especially vodka. Last year saw Space Out championing the White Russian as its signature drink. But this year, we saw organisers decide to cosy up to the welcoming mix of Chambord, Vodka and Ginger Ale that is the Moscow Mule. The free Moscow Mule on entry was definitely a nice touch, as it encouraged guests directly to the bar where they were able to capitalise on the £1 flavoured vodka shots, which according to one staff member, were bought in a rather large quantity…

Like all such events, Space Out was slow to start, and didn’t really pick up until 10:30. However, this did mean that those who turned up as the doors opened did get to enjoy the full attention of the Russian Committee, who mounted an admirable charm campaign amongst everyone who came.

At times it did seem like you were standing in a bar in Moscow due to the amount of Russian being hurled around the place and the vodka being downed at a steady pace at the bar, which may have proved daunting for any non Russian speakers present or for someone unknown to the Committee.

Also I’d suggest that, in future, the Society should think about the pricing of the event. At £8 for non members and £6 for members, prices can be seen a little steep until you realise that the ticket gets you not only the free drink but also access to the drink offers in Rascals.

Overall, this evening show cased all of the great things that people have come to expect from the Russian Society: a good night, with great people and enough vodka to sink a ship.


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