PhD student attacked by greenkeeper

Photo: SalFaxo

A greenkeeper for the Old Course has been found guilty of assaulting a physics PhD student on a night out.

American Kevin Rundstrom, 25, attacked Londoner Guy Whitworth at a St Andrews pub in June of this year.

Though prosecutors claimed that Mr Whitworth was left with a disfiguring scar after Mr Rundstrom smashed a glass against his neck, this additional allegation was removed by the jury.

Mr Whitworth, 24, was out with some friends to celebrate his birthday when he met Mr Rundstrom.

The row reportedly began with a conversation about The Big Bang Theory, which soon turned sour when Mr Rundstrom became insulted by perceived slights from Mr Whitworth over his scientific knowledge.

The court heard that although Mr Rundstrom had explained that he too had studied science at university, he felt looked-down on and insulted by the laser physics PhD student.

One of Mr Whitworth’s friends reportedly bought a bottle of prosecco for their group, served in champagne flutes. At this point, Mr Whitworth moved to stand beside Mr Rundstrom, seemingly to apologise for their row.

However, CCTV footage shown to the court appeared to show Mr Rundstrom strike Mr Whitworth twice, once with each hand.

Mr Whitworth said that he was left with shards of glass in his neck and mouth after the attack and that he had to go to hospital.

Mr Rundstrom denied the charge of assaulting Mr Whitworth to his severe injury and permanent disfigurement on 14 June.

On Friday 7 November, he was found guilty of assault, but allegations relating to the glass and disfigurement were dropped.

He has been released on bail until next month when he will be sentenced.


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