Disney Bop: Fun, Fancy and Fishbowls


Week 10, the opening of a new bar and miserable weather do not a magical combination make, and yet the annual Disney Bop still attracted a respectable attendance of a range of Disney favourites – and their more creative cousins.

Particular favourites included Alice (on acid) from Alice in Wonderland and a singularly effective Winnie the Pooh. As is expected at a Disney themed event all the guests looked as though they had stepped straight from the silver screen.

Held as part of the Pre-Rag Week events, it was somewhat disappointing to see attendance lower than it could have been, with the Bop suffering the typical Fridays @ the Union problems. Guests did not start turning up in numbers until near midnight, leading to a rather quiet dance floor initially.

In a further conflict of interest, though perhaps unavoidable, the new Beacon Bar opened its doors to the student body for the first time this weekend, and so prospective boppers invariably flocked upstairs rather than into the venue.

Overall the entertainment inside the venue was for the most part typical of what is expected – up to date music and smooth remixes that kept the dance floor moving.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Disney Bop without a few of the best known classic songs from Disney movies over the years, including Frozen’s Let It Go, and Hakuna Matata from the timeless Lion King.

At 1am, to a heavily remixed version of The Circle of Life, guests were showered with hundreds of balloons, much to their delight. The ensuing scene, in which princesses, fairies and animals alike descended upon the balloons, was unforgettable.

All the while, two large screens played a montage of scenes from various Disney classics, evoking nostalgic memories of childhood years.

No St Andrews Union event would be quite complete without themed beverages, which DisneySoc delivered in style.

Cheap movie themed shots such as the Lion’s Roar and Snow White’s Poison were on offer as well as a Magic Potion – four pints of drink presented in a fish bowl for under £10, and although I did not get to try this ‘potion’, the number of empty fishbowls around attests that the drink was a success.

All in all, for those who turned up and made an effort to dress as their favourite character, the night was veritably a success, and although the crowd was smaller than could have been, the event was a compelling farewell, at least for now, to Fridays at Venue 1.


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