Christmas Gala Reviewed: festive song and dance to kick start the season


With the end of the semester, the Christmas season brings with it the requisite onslaught of carols and services to ring in the holiday cheer. One of the first of many concerts to come, we were excited to see what the annual Christmas Gala put on by the Blue Angels and The Other Guys would look like this year. We arrived at Town Hall Monday evening to a packed theatre, a good turn out for the deadline-filled Week 11 crowd. With a wide range of students, we found ourselves noting the predominance of Fourth year male students in the crowd- attributing this occurrence to The Other Guys. As the clock tolled past 19:00, we waited, and the tension built. Three audience members nearly fainted in anticipation.

Photo: Samantha Marcus
Photo: Samantha Marcus

Just five minutes past the hour the curtains open to The Other Guys standing in a flying-V formation. As they began singing their original single ‘Christmas Gets Worse Every Year’, the ever-talented Blue Angels appeared from behind the men and began their performance. It is refreshing to see the Other Guys implement new choreography, and it was apparent that the Angels have influenced their style as the Others Guys haven’t dared attempt such intricate dancing since they suffered three pulled hamstrings in 2011. After the joint opening act, the rest of the evening was comprised of alternating pieces from the women and the men.

The Other Guys performed fan favorites such as ‘Golfer’s Paradise’ and ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’, as well as the more festive piece ‘The Christmas Song’.  In our opinion, their best piece of the night was their cover of Straight No Chaser’s Christmas-inspired medley, ending in a seasonally adapted bit from ‘Africa’ by Toto.

Photo: Samantha Marcus
Photo: Samantha Marcus

The Blue Angels performed a variety of pieces including ballet, jazz and modern dance- a crowd favorite the challenging piece to ‘Feeling Good’ by Michael Bublé. Of the many inspiring dances, the standout performance in our minds was by the advanced ballet group, who danced to the ‘Rains of Castamere’ from the television show Game of Thrones. The well thought out routine had us feeling that we were at a Game of Thrones wedding, which could explain our hesitation to try the mince pies offered at the intermission shortly thereafter.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative performance. The Other Guys performed with their usual lighthearted charm and the Blue Angels displayed a real sense of professionalism, which showed in the quality of their routines. While just over a month out from Christmas, the audience was put into great holiday spirits, undoubtedly with Toto’s ‘Africa’ still stuck in their heads. Following the performance the Other Guys made sure to mingle with fans, chatting with admirers and promoting their album, ‘The Other Guys Christmas’. Another point for praise should go to the organizers of the event, whom invited the audience to join the performers at The Rule for a meet and greet following the show. Sharing a drink and chatting with the Blue Angels ladies and the Other Guys was a lovely ending note that helped confirm the cozy, inviting Christmas vibe of the evening.


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